My name is Matt, and I am an avid cryptocurrency trader. Some cryptocurrencies I day trade, while others I buy when the price is low, and leave for my long term investment portfolio. I use this strategy to serve two purposes: long term investing specifically to avoid a more risky day trading strategy and ensure a successful long term investment, and short term day trades to appeal to the inner Wall Street investor mentality within me.

I love the potential that the Ripple (XRP) cryptocurrency offers, and while still low in cost I am able to purchase many coins inexpensively while ensuring that if the cryptocurrency goes to the moon that I will be one of the lucky few who got in early (unlike missing the Bitcoin surge that I should have invested in years ago).

I hope that the information you find on my website serves you well and that it helps you become well on your way to achieving your cryptocurrency trading goals. Thank you and good luck! We’re all in this together!